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Bay and Bow Windows


Bay windowIf you have a room that needs more natural light and the illusion of a bigger space, then bay or bow fenestration units might just be what you are looking for. Available and widely manufactured in white or wood grained finishes, this style of uPVC can instantly give your home a facelift and be the envy of your neighbours.


Create some dimension to an existing flat window through the installation of bay or bow windows. This style is not limited to itself because you also have the choice to use clear glass, lead patterns, or stained glass patterns. This will give your windows more character and suit your needs and requirements better.


The photo above shows the front of this property fitted with a Georgian glazing bars on a bow style unit. The tiled roof makes the elevation of the house look very attractive. One point to remember is that planning permission may be required in some areas. It is highly suggested that a call your local panning officer to find out more on planning permission in your area.


Sash Style

The famous sash style can also be incorporated in the bow or bay window style. This will give it the elegance of the 1890’s wooden sash style, plus the additional benefits of high tech security features and low maintenance benefits of today’s modern units. No more jammed panes with contemporary units.

uPVC sash style of bay and bow windows have all the architectural merits of Victorian or Edwardian units, such as brass fittings and moulded features.


Features and Benefits

While this style is commonly seen in living rooms, you can also have this installed in other rooms inside your home. It is low maintenance thanks to its primary material, uPVC. Also they can be manufactured with K Glass and storm proof seals so you will never have to experience draughty, rattling, or jamming panes ever again.


Bay and bow window

This picture to the left shows white uPVC on a plinth base wall. This not only allows more light into the room but also serves as an attractive feature of the room. This is only one of the many examples that shows what can be achieved by having a bay style unit fitted.


When fitting a new bay style unit to the front of your house, it’s a good idea to replace the other windows and doors to that elevation so the double glazing all match.