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uPVC Front Doors

uPVC front doorIf you are interesting in giving your home a quick and hassle-free facelift, replacing your old, damaged, and aging doorways with uPVC might just be the answer you are looking for.


It makes an excellent choice for a quick makeover because front doorways in homes are seen as the focal point of a property. It is where people enter a property and also gets the most wear and tear due to its daily use. So why go for a temporary solution when you can go for high quality and long lasting replacement for your old doors.


These kinds of uPVC are produced in different designs and colours to suit a large variety of houses. Whether your home is made majority of bricks, wood, or other materials, uPVC doors can enhance your property while keeping the style and charm of your house.


Some of the benefits these kinds of openings can offer include low maintenance features and can last for more than 25 years without ever warping, jamming, rotting, or discolouring. Whatever the weather is, you can expect it to look the same for years to come.


uPVC front doorNow since unplasticised poly vinyl carbonate doors might sound like plastic, it does not feel the same. When you knock on entrances made out of uPVC, they sound, feel, and weigh like a timber door.


Designs and Features

If you are interested to know about the performance of uPVC doorways when it comes to home security, you will not be disappointed. These main entrances are often installed with multipoint locking systems and a 5 lever dead lock as a standard requirement in order to meet the requirements of insurance companies.


uPVC front doorThese doors can also be used for lighting up a hallway inside your home. You can have a full or half glazed front door installed to help bring light into your hallways and rooms. But if the large size of glass worries you due to security, toughened glass and double-glazing glass are often used to help prevent unwanted entries through your front door.


However, if you think glass should only be used minimally, uPVC front entrances can be manufactured with small amounts of glazing at the top to help light get through without compromising security or privacy. 


There are a lot of ways you can do to brighten up your home and choosing a bright colour for your door can do a lot. It makes your entrance bright and acts as a unique and engaging focal point of your home.