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Plantation Blinds


Plantation blinds

The key to making your home unique is to add distinctive style and luxury to your rooms. Our high quality Interior Wooden Shutters will add timeless beauty and practicality to any window in your house. Not only do they bring extra character but they also let you control the light and air in your room and give you added privacy and security.


Let us guide you through the options available to you as well as giving you a glimpse of how you can enrich the feel of your home with plantation shutters.


High quality window shutters combine both a distinctive and attractive architectural design feature and a versatile means of adjusting light and shade for your comfort.


Interior shutters have a classic quality and charm all of their own. The wide choice offered enables you to complement your lifestyle, adding your own personality as well as real value.


In winter they give you extra insulation against the cold. And at all times they give you additional security and privacy offering you more peace of mind.


Plantation blindsKeep comfortable in all seasons

Your window shutters will filter out bright sunlight and external noise. They keep rooms cool on hot, sunny days whilst still allowing the summer breeze to drift gently inside so vou can create a comfortable oasis.


To discover the possibilities available to you and your abode and to gain a real idea of how window shutters look and perform, we'd like to offer you a free home presentation with your local designer.


Whether you are looking to enhance an existing room or create a brand new style, you can compare colours and samples in the comfort of your own home.


Adding plantation blinds to your house is a perfect way to inject your own distinctive style and individual personality into your rooms. Each and every home we visit is unique, in its architecture and the tastes and lifestyle of its owners. This is why we offer such an extensive choice of shutter styles, colours and trims.


You can choose from exclusive colours  - natural wood, stained and painted. We have four styles - cafe, tier-on-tier, full height and customised. We offer three slat sizes to suit your window or door, and you can have brass or chrome hinges fitted. There is a wide variety of modern or traditional trims for you to add those finishing touches.


Our wide choice of options gives you the greatest opportunity to have the plantation shutters that match your home and lifestyle perfectly.