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Self-Cleaning Windows

uPVC WindowHaven’t we all dreamed of having parts of our homes that cleaned itself? Just like your windows. 


For many homeowners, cleaning this part of their home is time-consuming and sometimes, dangerous. Dreaming of self-cleaning double glazing is now a reality and you can have some in your house too!


The technology that makes this possible was developed by Pilkington Glass Company. The product range is called Pilkington Activ™. The company was able to develop self-cleaning glass that was capable of cleaning itself. It uses an organic process whereby dirt that settles on the glass is broken down by daylight and is then washed away by rain. 


Dubbed as the world’s first self-cleaning glass, the Pilkington Activ™ can be used for conservatories, doors, roof lights, uPVC double glazing, and replacement conservatory roofs. They can also be manufactured to have solar control properties, making them highly desirable amongst people who are looking for low maintenance units.


Throw away your chemical cleaners and start enjoying the beauty of your windows with the help of self-cleaning glass. Other benefits of this special product include: 


Less frequent cleaning since your uPVC stay cleaner for longer periods of time

Ideal solution hard to reach places such as roofs

Environmentally friendly as you no longer have to use chemicals to clean

It looks like regular glass – no tints or reflective surfaces

Save money on costs of routinary cleaning

Permanent coating that lasts throughout your window’s lifetime

For cooler interiors, get it with solar control coating