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uPVC Home Window Designs

Double glazingSo you have finally decided to improve your home while at the same time, cutting down your fuel bills through the installation of Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride windows or uPVC.


To the left are the highly sought after uPVC designs by my homeowners. Apart from having new uPVC frames installed, replacement glazing are also a popular choice. These can add value to your home and improve its overall look.


These windows are perfect not just for modern homes, but also for longstanding homes. The design and finish of uPVC double glazing are available in a wide range of choices to fit your current home's style.





Rule of Thumb

Double glazingWhen selecting a style for your frames, it is important to remember that you should choose a design that is in-sync and harmonious with the existing style of your house, and your neighbors'. Nothing looks worse than seeing a house that has had new uPVC fitted that isn't in check with the neighbourhood as it stands out like a sore thumb.


Sight Lines

Before you purchase double glazing for your home, there are a number of design features that you need to be aware of but are seldom discussed. One of these is the topic of sight lines? What is this and how does it affect the look of your windows?


When we speak of 'sight lines', this generally pertains to how symmetrical and equal a window looks as a whole. By law, a row of panels should have at least one opening to serve as a fire escape and air flow. Adding opening can make a window look chunkier and uneven, that is why 'dummy openers' are added to make it even.


Top 3 Home Window Styles

Your home would not achieve its full potential without functional and elegant looking windows. And since the industry has evolved and made way for different variations, homeowners like you can now have unique uPVC double glazed windows that fit your home’s style and look. Listed below are the top 3 styles that can different types of homes.


Double glazing

1. Sash Style

The popularity of sash panes probably comes from the fact that they have been the go-to window style many homeowners in the past decades went for when designing their homes. This style is prominent throughout the country and are often outdated, leaving it incapable of preventing huge amounts of heat loss. They are also the most expensive or costly style to have installed. Despite that, sash style provides an elegant and classic look to any home.


2. Bow or Bay Style

Often confused with one another, and for a good reason at that, the bow and bay windows are good options for homeowners who would like to let a huge amount of light enter their rooms in an elegant way. Their main difference can be seen in the number of window panels it has and the way they curve. The bow style has more panels in them and can thus, provide a better and bigger view of your home's outdoors.


3. Casement Style

Last but not the least is the casement window style. This style is easily distinguishable because of the way it is opened – through pushing the window outward. This is the window style prominent in many modern homes here in the UK. The window panes are hinged vertically so users can swing it in and out.


Apart from these designs, you also have the option to have it bespoke. You can have it manufactured in different colours, textures, and finishes. This is a great option if you are very particular with the design of your home.


These windows not only look great in modern homes but also in old homes that need a facelift. If you are looking to replace your old single glazing, make sure you have double glazing fitted. The benefits they provide are not just for the sake of beauty but also for economics.


Expect savings translated from uPVC window installation and a fast return on your investment when you have them today. Only hire professional, certified, and highly trained tradesmen in your location to ensure the efficiency and performance of your new replacement windows.