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uPVC Sash Windows

uPVC Sash WindowsModern uPVC sash windows are perfect for replacing your old sash units without making any drastic changes. Modern uPVC units have the elegance of yesterday's sash wooden windows.


Today's  uPVC or double glazed sash units have the  benefits of uPVC sliding sash frames , double glazing, and sprung counter balance sashes (no more sticking windows). This has obvious benefits over the old iron and lead sash weights on a waxed cord, which were prone to breaking. Modern uPVC units carry all the same architectural features including all the brass ironmongery of old wooden windows.


Apart from its rich history and popularity, one of the features of modern sash units beloved by many homeowners who have them is its low maintenance. This means you'll never have to repaint them. It is also improved with K glass and storm proof seals, meaning you'll prevent large amounts of heat lost through windows, and never experience drafty, rattling or jamming units again.


There is, however, one architectural feature that your old windows will never have – the tilt feature. Available only with modern uPVC double glazing, you can clean the glass of your sash from the inside by tilting it. Making it a good feature for windows placed in areas difficult to clean from the outside.


Many original Victorian sash units have come to the end of their life and home owners are now looking to replace these with new ones. So why not consider double glazed uPVC sash windows for your home? You might even want to compliment your new windows with uPVC doors to match. It is an investment worth making as it can lower you energy bills, give you savings, increase the value of your home and improve its overall look.




Installation of new sash units does not pose any problem and can be easily completed. This is because the installer can easily remove the old window and its box and replaced with the new double glazed uPVC sash unit.

With almost zero downtime, home owners would be happy to know that they can live their lives normally while installation is on-going.


Combining the elegance and pleasing design of antique sash windows with the modern features of modern units make it an irresistible and desirable window design many homeowners would love to have.