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Double Glazing Security

Double glazing security

Today, burglaries are a regular threat to our homes. 75% of burglars enter by forcing a window vent or breaking the glass making glazing security an extremely important topic; particularly double glazed units to the rear or side of the property is at a higher risk of attack.


Many homes today that have double glazing can have a peace of mind at night because of the high level of security these windows offer. Manufactured to British Standard BS 7412, these are widely used because entry is difficult; e.g. the glass is very difficult to gain entry through and if it breaks it makes a very loud noise.


This type of window has other locking systems like multipoint locks, double locking handles and side hinged security devices. This makes double glazed units a must have as far as security is concerned to protect your home and valuables.



Double glazing security

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of locks in a regular double glazed unit. The first being a multipoint locking system which are locks set into the unit opening known as the sash, and the door itself.


These locks insert steel bolts or hooks into the frame making the double glazed units or door virtually impossible to open from the outside, these operate when you turn the handle to lock the window or door. The doors have an additional lock which are known as 5 lever dead locks and can only be opened with a special key, and will meet with home insurance requirements.


Double glazing is very successful at keeping out intruders and are commonplace in the majority of home as they are used not only used to keep your house warm, but also to keep out uninvited guests.


This type of special product in windows and doors should to be manufactured to BS 7412 which covers security, wind resistance and weather tightness. The advantages are clear.