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uPVC French Doors


uPVC French doorsFeeling the sun’s warmth on your skin can instantly give us a better mood. This is why many home owners are interested in homes that have a lot of natural light entering a room. This is because it gives a wonderful positive atmosphere while at the same time, can make a room feel bigger. If you want to achieve this effect, you can have French doors made out of uPVC installed in your home.


Give your home a luxurious and dramatic improvement with the installation of elegant looking French doors. Read on to find out what this kind of uPVC door has to offer you and your home.



Top 4 Benefits

1. Energy efficiency

Modern French doors are often built with uPVC and double glazing. Because of this, heat loss is reduced significantly and can give homeowners savings in terms of fuel and energy costs. It is now easier to enjoy the warmth of the sun during the cold season and keeping that heat inside.


2. Security

This style high security locks with multipoint locking systems on the primary door and shoot bolts on the secondary door. This meets with all insurance company requirements. Security features are built into all modern French style doors, so the locks and hinges are fitted directly into the steel frame making for much more secure doorway.


3. Hassle-free maintenance

It provide minimum maintenance and allows easy cleaning. No more rotting and warping frames. You do not even have to repaint it.


4. Improved home value

Having this kind of door installed in your home can instantly improve its value. They are a practical home improvement project that can improve the overall look and value of your home.


Design Matters


Although this door style has a large amount of glass in its body that does not mean that they are weak from man-made and elemental damages. This type of entrances are fitted with storm seals - no more cold drafts. The thermal insulation of French entrances is very high and complies with FENSA requirements. They are also offered with a tilt option so one leaf can tilt back at the top allowing ventilation but will not allow light rain to enter.


uPVC French door

French doorways are usually installed in pairs with glass panes extending for most of their length and are prized for their visual grace and their ability to light up dull areas of any room. With this kind of door fitted, it is hard to tell where the inside of your home ends and the outside begins.


Normally people have this style of uPVC door fitted to give total access as both open up fully, unlike patio style that only open half the width of the opening.


uPVC French door

To meet regulations, all glass windows and doorways must have a high level of insulation which means that it must use at least double glazing will have a special transparent reflective coating.


The glass used to make the double glazed sealed units is safety glass. This is much tougher than ordinary float glass and can keep unwanted intruders and footballs alike. If the glass does break, it shatters into thousands of small pieces and so there are no larger jagged edges around.