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Patio doorSince windows have limited access to the view of the garden, full glass doors that connected the garden and home became the necessary and preferred choice of homeowners who wanted to have full access to their gardens. For years, this door style has been the most popular choice for letting extra light into homes as well as giving new dimensions to rooms.


And because a large part of its body is made out of transparent glass, rooms installed with patio style doors look larger, brighter, and has a lighter atmosphere.




Features and Benefits

Patio door

There are many different type of patio style door. One of these is the tilt and slide patio style. This type of patio style can open in a tilt in position thus allowing secured ventilation without leaving the door wide open. This is perfect if you want extra ventilation whether it’s a sunny of rainy day.


Thanks to the advancements in uPVC door manufacturing, patio doorways are available in different colours, finishes, and accessories. Some finishes sought by homeowners include white, light oak, and various wood grain finishes. There is a wide range of choices on how you can have your products made so you can easily match it with the rest of your home’s style and design.


In line with this, you can expect a lot with the security you can get from patio doors. Installed with multiple locking points and double glazed safety glass, you are secured from illegal entry from burglars and others alike. These are common requirements asked by insurance companies and federations such as the Glass and Glazing Federation. These doors often come with a five to 10 year guarantee so you can have a peace-of-mind when they need repairs.


Patio door

There are various finishes from white, light oak, to various wood grains so if you have hardwood windows that you need to match this should not be a problem. Security is very good as all have very good locking systems and come with a 10 year guarantee.


In line with this have one panel to slide as per most peoples' idea of a patio style doorway, there the ones we all remember and have been around for about 40 years so they have stood the test of time, and as they go they are still very good valve for money.