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Double Glazing Grants


Double glazing grantsTo obtain a grant you need to contact your local authority and apply for a grant for double glazing.

Double glazing grants are only available to people who meet with a certain criteria which is dependent on .Government funds available, assistance that you may receive,the type of property, your age and income.


Unfortunately with the latest government cut backs, procedures to obtain a double glazing grants can be lengthily and only small percentage of applicants actually receive a grant.

To help to ease this situation you can receive up to 65% off all double glazing and doors through us. This to some degree is a bit like receiving a double glazing grant of 65% which must be good news.


You can receive up to 65% off your double glazing from local companies. You can compare prices and companies and choose the one who you think is best for you. This is the easiest and quickest way to get inexpensive double glazing, and the nearest thing to getting a double glazing grant.


Double glazing grantsGovernment grants reduce your heating bills

Government grants are available now to help you by reducing your energy bills these are for



The winter of 2010 has been one of the worst on record and to heat your house will be costly and will get more costly as the years roll on. So don’t keep giving your money to gas and electricity companies invest to keep your house warm. The money you will save will pay for your double glazing or other government grants for reducing your energy costs.


You can see from this thermal image where the heat is being lost through the windows and doors.Just think of it as notes floating out of the window.


Replacement double glazing is a better investment than any bank or building society ISA. Why? The money that you will save on increasing fuel bills will be better then any investment interest.